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(Better than Ceramic)

So what's the big deal about this graphene coating stuff?


Do you even know what it is?


And why is it not offered by more detailers?


Introduced to the CAR CARE industry around 2020, graphene coating evolved from ceramic coating. It literally still is ceramic coating, however with graphene infused into the ceramic layer in an armor-like matrix structure. With the infusion of graphene, it is far superior to traditional ceramic coatings in many ways.


I would like to tell you a little story to demonstrate why choosing Progressive Detailing to install one of the greatest paint protection products on the market is quite possibly the best choice for you. However, if you already know what you want, this is your opportunity to go straight to pricing and a button to book online now by clicking here. ;-)  ~Herb

May of 2024 marks the 5-year anniversary of Progressive Detailing being in business. As a sole owner/operator/technician I'm very passionate about the way I do things and I'm always looking for better, faster, stronger. Through the level of service that I provide to each and every customer, my top priority is always to leave customers with the feeling that they will not find a better detailing service anywhere as this is my passion and my livelihood.


Regarding Ceramic vs Graphene, during my second year in business I started offering a particular brand of ceramic coating based on one of the top detailers in the country who had been giving it some rather nice endorsements. I then proceeded to offer that same brand of coating and installed it on all of my ceramic coating customers vehicles. At the time it was a stellar product to me and I do not regret endorsing it myself as it was, and still is, a good choice for vehicle protection.


At the same time I started installing ceramic coatings, a new coating manufacturer hit the scene marketing their 5-year graphene matrix coating as being superior to ceramic coatings. So I decided to put it to the test on my work truck. During the 2 years that followed, I discovered that the Graphene Matrix Coating on my truck out performed, by far, what I was installing on my customers vehicles. So that's when I made the switch in 2022 to exclusively offer Ethos Car Care Graphene Coating to all my customers. I've heard nothing but praise about the results, which of course have been phenomenal! The product currently installed on my truck is the original 5-year formula, which has since been improved upon with Ethos V2.0 . To date, the truck still has minimal scratching, swirls, etchings, etc.


My favorite demonstration of the product is to wipe down a dirty panel on my truck with a microfiber cloth soaked in wash solution and dry it off with a second microfiber cloth without prewashing or anything. Then I show my customers with an inspection light that no scratches were created from that frowned upon wash procedure. The scratch resistance of the original Ethos Car Care formula is absolutely amazing and it goes without saying, the more recent formulas most certainly should be better. In addition, following a light annual polishing and topping it off with Ethos 1-year Graphene sealant, the coating on my work truck continues to perform just as the day I installed it 4 years ago including the hydrophobic properties. As a side note, I had experimented with a few other brands of ceramic and graphene coatings and was not as impressed with any of them as I am with the Ethos Car Care brand of products.


Fast forward to 2024... I'm very excited to announce that Progressive Detailing is now an approved installer for Ethos Car Care Products.  As one for simplicity and previously only offered 1 coating product, which I felt was the best, Progressive Detailing has now expanded to offering 3 amazing graphene coating products, which allows you the customer, the flexibility to choose long term protection for your vehicle within a comfortable budget.


10-year PRO, 7-year MAX, and 5-year V2.0 versions of Ethos graphene coatings are all remarkable products with regard to protection, gloss, depth of color, slickness, resistance to water spots, etc!  The higher the year rating equals thicker coating, more resistant to scratches, deeper gloss, and of course longer duration of protection.


Now let's go back to my original thought. So why do so few detailers offer graphene coating compared to the number of detailers who still offer ceramic? My thoughts are graphene does not seem to have hit mainstream quite yet and it may be easier to sell ceramic coatings because of it. I suppose, why fix what's not broke when ceramic coatings pretty much sell themselves. Here's some food for thought... carnuba wax is sooooo far off the chart inferior to ceramic coatings, so why is it still being sold in mass? The answer is because people who have not learned, or are resistant to change, will still buy it.

As our name suggests, everything about us progressively gets better. And if a better product comes out, you can expect that we will make yet another change to continue offering nothing but the best!


So what are you waiting for... click one of the buttons below to book online now, or to make a request for service to get your vehicle protected with one of the best products on the market.


Have a great day!!!

Our Graphene Coating Package

(Includes all of the Following)

Exterior Detail plus...

3-Step Paint Correction plus...

Ethos Graphene Coating applied to all exterior paint, trim, glass, door jams, and wheel faces.


Following Graphene Coating installation your vehicle needs to remain indoors for 48 hours. If you do not have indoor space for us to work in, we can work with you to accommodate the space.


(2&4-Door Cars)

5-year Ethos V2.0: $1,191

7-year Ethos MAX: $1,516

10-year Ethos PRO: $1,766


(Non-lifted Trucks & Small SUVs)

5-year Ethos V2.0: $1,369

7-year Ethos MAX: $1,743

10-year Ethos PRO: $2,030


(Large Trucks and 3rd Row Vehicles)

5-year Ethos V2.0: $1,548

7-year Ethos MAX: $1,970

10-year Ethos PRO: $2,295

From The Manufacturer...

Ethos V2.0 Graphene Coating
Ethos Max Graphene Coating
Ethos Pro Graphene Coating
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