Cleaning, Sanitizing & Disinfecting

Updated: March 28, 2020


During this slow down in the economy, and more importantly, during the coronavirus pandemic we need to be highly proactive about avoiding and destroying germs, bacteria and viruses. Most of us are now doing that with such things as washing our hands for 20 seconds, wearing masks, wiping down shopping carts, using hand sanitizer and deep cleaning our homes. What many are not thinking about is how important it is to deep clean, sanitize and disinfect the vehicles we drive daily for essential errands like picking up groceries.

What You Should Do...

When was the last time you cleaned the interior of your vehicle, I mean really deep cleaned and sanitized it? Last week, last month, last year, last decade??? If it's relatively clean, maybe all it needs is a regular vacuuming and wipe down with a disinfectant spray or wipes.


Just to clarify for all intensive purposes, cleaning is to remove debris and clutter, sanitizing reduces germs, bacteria and viruses, and disinfecting kills germs, viruses and bacteria. During this crisis more than ever it is essential that we all concentrate on all three in all of our surroundings. As a professional detailer I will focus this article on how you can clean, sanitize and disinfect your own vehicles in a similar fashion that we do. These same procedures can also be applied to effectively sanitize your home or office.

Clean, Sanitize & Disinfect

  1. Vacuum... vacuum... vacuum. Most vehicles we work on for the first time have not been vacuumed in years. You can only imagine the unhealthy stuff that lurks down in the carpet fibers and between the seats. Whatever vacuum you use work every inch of the carpet and seats and everywhere else you can reach like you mean it. We use a shop vacuum with a chisel attachment and work a few inches at a time throughout the vehicle to eliminate every loose particle possible. The trick with removing pet hair is to also incorporate a rubber brush to help dislodge the hair so it can be vacuumed up. Most people do not have a rubber pet hair brush so anything rubber dragged across pet hair will be more effective than simply a vacuum attachment.

  2. Following an intense initial vacuuming, you should proceed to clean all surfaces in a manner that also disinfects. We use a combination of steam cleaning and disinfectant cleaners. Hot steam is very effective but also needs to be done properly so as not to damage surfaces or force steam into areas such as instrument clusters and touch screens. Being that most households do not have a proper steamer for the job, simply wiping all reachable surfaces with a disinfectant cleaner will likely be the way for you to go. Clean all surfaces includes headliner, seats, carpet, doors, dash, steering wheel, etc. Disclaimer: Make sure to follow instructions on cleaning products that you use and follow their directions and warnings about testing in an inconspicuous areas if you are unsure of how safe they are to your vehicles surfaces.

    Note: To minimize risk of exposure to germs, bacteria and viruses and transferring them from vehicle to vehicle Progressive Detailing starts and ends every interior detail with ozone shock treatments to kill those nasty little organisms before we enter and after we leave every vehicle we detail. If you would like us to perform an ozone shock treatment for you prior to you detailing your own vehicles you can schedule an appointment for us come to your home to do that for you. Of course you can also hire us to deep clean and sanitize (detail) your vehicles for you too.

  3. Protecting & Dressing

    Now that the interior is sanitized you will want to dress and protect all the surfaces inside. Following a proper cleaning, everything will likely look a little duller than it did before you started and it will no longer have UV protection. So the next step is to dress it with a product that also protects it from harmful UV rays. We recommend to always use water based cleaners and dressing as it is generally safer to use and it does not off-gas like solvent based products do. By far the best protectant that we have found for dressing and protecting is 303 Aerospace Protectant, which is what we use in every vehicle. It is a little pricey, but well worth the money.

  4. Final Vacuuming
    Yes, to do a complete job go around the vehicle one last time to vacuum up any lint, dust or dirt that may have become dislodged during the cleaning and dressing stages. After this look around your vehicle and be proud of your accomplishments and knowing that you just made your vehicles environment exponentially safer for you and your family.


Zero Contact Policy

During the coronavirus crisis Progressive Detailing is taking extreme measures to ensure our safety and yours.


First of all we have implemented a zero contact approach to customer interactions. Communications are accomplished via phone, text and email. Upon completion of the work the customer will be invoiced with an option to pay electronically. Upon arrival we request that the vehicle is already placed in a position that we can work on it with the keys left in the vehicle and the glove compartment and center console emptied out including all other items within the vehicle and trunk.

Complimentary Alcohol-Based Disinfectant Spray
So how else can we at Progressive Detailing help? With shortages of sanitizers we decided to dedicated a portion of our cherished 99% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to create a disinfectant spray mix to give away to every customer who hires us to detail their vehicles interior in an 80ml spray bottle along with a detailing towel so you can wipe down your steering wheel, center console, arm rests, etc each time you leave your vehicle to help keep it disinfected. The mixture contains a 60% isopropyl alcohol concentration mixed with a PH balanced cleaning agent and filtered water. According to the CDC a 60% minimum alcohol concentration is necessary to kill viruses, so we made sure that the solution contains at least 60% alcohol. This solution is not intended to be used on hands, only for disinfecting surfaces as it does not contain skin protection additives such as aloe.

Detailing Services
Progressive Detailing is committed to providing the highest quality detailing and sanitizing service to all our valued customers!


Professional interior detailing eliminates dirt, stains and grime, and now with the current pandemic we have supercharged the interior cleaning by including our ozone gas treatment at no additional cost to you with every interior detail. Ozone gas is a proven method for killing germs, bacteria, viruses and bad smells and is used by detailers around the country as a premium service. At times like this we need pull out all the stops to do everything we can to help slow the spread of this virus. Upon completion of  any one of our interior detailing services, your vehicle will be sanitize from the air to deep down in unreachable cracks, crevices, between the carpet fibers, and in the vents.


Our process includes ozone gas pre-treatment to kill germs, bacteria and viruses on surfaces, and then following the cleaning service, we perform a final ozone gas treatment to ensure that we did not leave any contaminants behind while working on the vehicle. Following treatment the vehicle has a refreshing mild smell of chlorinated pool water. Either way, what your left with is a sanitized fresh smelling vehicle.

More About Ozone as a Disinfectant
Our ozone generator creates ozone gas in high concentration that is dispersed throughout the vehicles cabin to kill germs, bacteria, viruses, etc. Here's how it works...

Ozone is like a super charged oxygen molecule. Oxygen (O2) molecules that we breath are made up of two oxygen atoms bonded together as a pair. Ozone (O3) molecules are made up of three oxygen atoms bonded together. The third of the oxygen atoms in ozone gas are unstable and rapidly release from the O2 molecules shortly after being generated and they find the nearest organic particles to attach to (ie. germs, bacteria, virus, etc) . When an oxygen atom attaches to a germ, bacteria, or virus particle it oxidizes and kills it, which is how ozone effectively disinfects, decontaminates and eliminates odors similar to other oxidizing cleaners like bleach and hydrogen peroxide.

Ozone Safety
When used responsibly ozone is safe and effective. Ozone in high concentrations in the air we breath can be an irritant and dangerous to those with lung diseases such as asthma and mesothelioma. To ensure the safety of our customers, all doors are open to allow the concentration of ozone to adequately leave the vehicle prior to releasing the vehicle back to the customer.

Final Thought
As a society we need to be vigilant in helping control the speed at which COVID-19 spreads throughout the nation using the recommendations and guidelines set fourth by the CDC. Fortunately for the majority of us the effects will not be any worse than the common cold or flu that we have all experienced and many of us wont even know we have it. After we do get exposed our immune systems will then learn how to combat it next time we encounter a COVID-19 virus particle, just like our systems have learned how to combat the common flu and colds.


You can rest assured knowing that Progressive Detailing is committed to providing the best services possible.

Services and Pricing
*All services are performed at the customers location – we come to you!

*All interior detailing now includes a FREE 80ml spray bottle of cleaner/alcohol solution and a detailing cloth limited to 1 per customer while supplies last.

Stand-Alone Ozone Treatment Service: $50
    - Ozone shock treatment with the vehicle closed
    - Air the vehicle out after treatment

Express - Interior Detail Service :
Starting at $80 for 4 passenger vehicles
    - Pre-ozone shock treatment
    - Express vacuum interior
    - Wipe down hard surfaces such as door panels, dash, steering wheel, etc
    -  Post-ozone shock treatment
    -  Air the vehicle out following treatment

Full - Interior Detail:
Starting at $149 for 4-Pass vehicles
    - Standard Interior Detail

    - Includes pre/post-detail ozone treatments

      (Click Here For Details)








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“ozone should be adopted as a weapon in the global fight against COVID-19. It has three following attributes. Full coverage. Ozone created by ozone generators or electrostatic air purifiers can reach every corner of the environment”
“Ozone gas has been proven to kill the SARS coronavirus and since the structure of the new 2019-nCoV coronavirus is almost identical to that of the SARS coronavirus”
“Ozone has been proven to kill the SARS Coronavirus,” Robert Smith, president and CEO of Quail Systems, LLC said. “This 2019 strand has a similar makeup to SARS; therefore, we anticipate that ozone may kill the new, stronger strand, COVID-19.[...]The strongest disinfectant available to the public, ozone safely has been used for decades in homes and businesses.”

According to the National Ozone Association"The general rule of thumbs that we suggest is about 10,000 mg/hr output for every 1000 to 1500 sq ft [...] and should achieve ozone shock level within the hour." Average vehicles are approximately100 sq ft and our treatment with 20,000 mg/hr for a minimum of 5 minutes prior to detailing and 5 minutes after is effectively 4 times what is needed for an ozone shock treatment ensuring maximum effectiveness.