Express Detail

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The express detail may be all you need if you have a new, relatively new, or well-maintained vehicle, however other vehicles can still greatly benefit when a low cost alternative to a complete detail is desired.

This service includes:

  • Hand wash & carnuba wax on the exterior

  • Wheels cleaned & shined on the face

  • Tires cleaned and dressed with premium professional grade non-toxic, non-greasy, no-sling, dry matte finish protectant

  • Dashboard, steering wheel, instrument cluster, vents, etc wiped down and dusted.

  • Vacuum carpet, floor mats, seats, cup holders

  • Lightly shampoo carpets and floor mats.

  • Vacuum and lightly shampoo trunk.


*Please be aware that severely stained upholstery, carpets, and floor mats or those with ground-in dirt, sand or pet hair will be cleaned with limited results. If your vehicle is in such a condition and a thorough detailing is desired you may want to either schedule a complete detail or discuss with us your desired budget and we can tailer a package around your budget and specific needs. Let's work together to get you the best end result at a price that works for you.

2-Passenger: $63

4-Passenger: $69

Small SUV or Minivan: $75

Large SUV or Van: $81