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Continuity of Cleanliness


It sure feels great following a full detail doesn't it!


Walking up to your freshly detailed car you see your reflection in the paint, the chrome is sparkling, the tires and moldings are a deep matte black, and the windows are crystal clear, then you open the door and smell a new level of freshness that puts a smile on your face.


As you poke your head inside you notice the tan leather seats are a few shades lighter... to your surprise they look amazing considering  you previously thought they looked good.


Upon further inspection you admire the super clean carpets, the dashboard has a beautiful matte finish, the mirrors are once again crystal clear, and as you sit back in the seat you look around with a new sense of pride.

The overall feeling is like taking in a breath of fresh air!


There's nothing better than seeing a smile on our customers faces when they approach and enter their freshly detailed vehicles. One of the biggest perks of our job is being able to spread a bit of pride and joy to our customers though the services we provide.


This service that we've proudly coined the term "Continuity of Cleanliness" takes our detailing service to a new level by keeping your vehicle detailed continually.


In it's simplest form we start with a complete detail of your vehicle, then we maintain it that way with a maintenance detail one time per month preferably same time and day of each month. Upon every visit we assess the vehicle and  clean as we see fit to maintain a state of a freshly detailed vehicle on a continual basis.


There are no long term commitments and you can discontinue the service at any time with a simple text message. This puts the pressure on us to always deliver the highest level of service at a justifiable price so you never want to discontinue the program.


How this program will benefit you:

  1. If you regularly drive people around whether you're a high level executive, realtor or sales person, your vehicles cleanliness is a direct reflection on you and we are here to help you look tidy to the people you are trying to impress.

  2. Your vehicle will retain it's value better from proper maintenance.

  3. You will appreciate it and it will appreciate you.

  4. A crystal clean vehicle takes the edge off of the daily commute.

  5. A healthier atmosphere will be maintained inside your vehicle.

  6. Your vehicle will give you a higher sense of pride and joy every day.


Here's how the program works. First you will need to schedule a Complete Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 detail with us, then upon completion of the detail if you are interested in signing up or simply want to get more information about the program make sure to ask about it. We would love to add you to our regular route and maintain your vehicle in pristine condition for you.

It's much faster and easier to detail a relatively clean vehicle than a neglected one. Because of that the prices reflected below are significantly reduced from a complete detail.

Request Detail For Pricing

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