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Graphene / Ceramic Coating

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There are so many great benefits to applying graphene / ceramic coating to your vehicles!

Introduced to the detailing industry around 2010, the application of ceramic coating added an option of applying a hard glass like protective layer to surfaces help protect them from scratching, oxidation, and etching from the outdoor elements with far superior attributes to protective waxes and other sealants. Most automotive ceramic coatings are rated at 9h hardness, which is the same as diamond.

Graphene Coating?

Introduced to the detailing industry around 2020, graphene coating evolved from ceramic coating and is very similar in nature however superior to traditional ceramic coating.


Superior Paint Protection

Graphene coating after applied to your vehicle is essentially a super hard shell (200x stronger than steel at the molecular level) formed by a structured layer of graphene nano particles that helps protect the paint from harmful ultraviolet rays, oxidation, scratches, acid rain, hard water deposits, bugs and bird droppings.

Easier to Clean and Keep Clean

When graphene coating is applied to the painted surface it levels the surface with an incredibly smooth, super slick, and tough barrier that helps to prevent contaminants such as dirt, grime, bird droppings, insects, and hard water deposits from bonding to the paint.

Seriously Hard Protective Barrier

Not only does the super slick finish help prevent contaminants from bonding to the paint, after graphene coating is applied and fully cured it becomes exponentially harder than the original paint. Mainstream graphene coatings on the market claim to have 9H on the hardness scale. Consequently, Diamonds are 10H. What this means is graphene coated paint will resist scratches, swirls, and paint chips exponentially more than the soft underlying paint. This is not to claim that scratches, swirls and paint chips cannot happen, it's just much more difficult to introduce these types of blemishes to the coated surfaces than unprotected paint and consequently offers a far superior protection to traditional waxes and sealants.

Hydrophobic Properties

This has been a favorite buzzword for marketing graphene coatings. "Hydro" is another word for water and "phobic" is another word for fear. It's a pretty slick term suggesting that water is afraid of ceramic coating and when the two meet up, the water quickly slips away.


The super slick leveled coating prevents water molecules from grabbing onto the paint, and when the water molecules set on top of cured graphene coating they attract to each other because they cannot stick to the coating. This can be seen visually by water forming extremely round beads then sliding off the surface.


Following application of these coatings as the vehicle is driven in the elements road grime does still adhere to the vehicle however far less than uncoated vehicles. Over time you will notice water not beading as much if the vehicle is not cleaned regularly intervals. To restore beading and visual properties of ceramic coatiing the vehicle does still need to be occasionally decontaminated and hand washed.

Graphene Coating Compared to Alternatives

I think it's safe to say pretty much anyone who lands on this page knows what carnuba wax is. It's a paste that you apply to the paint to consequently do the exact same thing as ceramic coating, and that is to protect the paint from ultraviolet rays, contaminants, and scratches and make the surface slicker and glossier. The biggest issue with carnuba wax is it does not last much longer than 6-8 weeks and if you want continued protection it needs to be reapplied quite often. Of course graphene coating offers unprecedented levels of protection to your paint.

Regarding polymer sealants, there are many alternatives most of which are superior to carnuba wax. However, they do not come close to matching the properties of graphene coatings.


7-Year Graphene Coating Starting at only $400 Installed!!!


So what's the catch? I guess there is a little bit of a catch here. It's necessary to properly prepare painted surfaces to be coated prior to installing graphene coating. Because of this it is an add-on service. Minimally the vehicle will require an exterior detail. Depending on the condition of the paint, you may choose paint correction and/or paint enhancement polishing, paint touch-up, and paintless dent repair services to be performed prior to installation of the coating.


The process starts with meticulously blowing down the vehicle with a high volume/pressure blower following the exterior detail to ensure no residual water exists in the cracks and hidden areas of the exterior to prevent contaminating the coating during the installation process. Then a panel prep solution is wiped onto the surfaces to be coated to ensure they are free of any unwanted residues and to prime the surfaces for the coating installation. Finally the coating is carefully applied ensuring smooth even coverage a small section at a time. Standard graphene or ceramic coating installation includes all exterior painted surfaces, door jams, trunk/hatch jam, and wheel faces.


As a mobile service what we will need from you is an indoor space to work in. Following Graphene Matrix Coating installation the vehicle will need to remain indoors for 48 hours to keep it out of the elements during it's initial cure time. If you do not have indoor space available for us to work in, we can work with you to accommodate the space as needed.


Why is it Progressive Detailing offers only a 7-year rate coating when others sell 1yr, 3yr, 5yr, 7yr, 10yr, etc...? We like to keep things simple with best bang-for-the-buck offerings and found a superior product in the "sweet spot" of coatings. We've tried numerous brands of ceramic and graphene coatings, and from personal experience we found this one particular coating to be superior to all others that we have tried and tested.


Our Graphene Coating of choice is ETHOS Max 7-Year Graphene Coating. It requires more time and attention to detail with application requiring a slightly higher cost than others in the ETHOS line of coatings, however it is longer lasting, glossier and a better protection as it results in a thicker layer of graphene coating to the finished surface.


The original version of ETHOS was is a 5-year graphene coating and was applied to the Progressive Detailing truck in 2020. It has proven to be superior to all other coatings we've used with regard to hydrophobicity, high gloss, water spot resistance, protection from bird droppings, acid rain, chips and scratches. Feel free to ask for a demonstration of how amazing the product is while we are out on a service call at your location. Please take note when you see how awesome it is on our truck that it is the original ETHOS graphene coating formula and not, the superior ETHOS MAX 7-Year Graphene Coating that will be installed on your vehicle!


You can read more about the product directly on the ETHOS website by clicking here.

Prices below reflect cost of labor plus materials for installation on your vehicle.

ETHOS Max (7-yr)

Small/Mid: $400       Full-Size: $423        Large/XL: $445

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