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(Better than Ceramic)

Brief History of Coatings

In the early 2000s, ceramic coatings started gaining attention in the automotive industry for their potential to provide superior protection, gloss and shine to vehicle surfaces compared to traditional waxes and sealants.


Throughout the 2010s, significant advancements were made in ceramic coating formulations and application techniques. Manufacturers began incorporating nanotechnology, which allowed for stronger bonds with the vehicle's surface and enhanced durability.


Their ability to provide long-lasting protection against environmental contaminants, UV rays, and minor scratches appealed to car owners seeking to preserve the appearance and value of their vehicles.


Manufacturers are constantly refining formulations to improve durability, hydrophobicity, and resistance to environmental factors, which leads us to Graphene coatings.


Graphene Coating

Graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice, was first isolated and characterized by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov in 2004, earning them the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010. This breakthrough sparked intense research into graphene's properties and potential applications.


In the early 2010s, researchers began exploring graphene's potential in automotive applications, particularly in coatings. graphene's exceptional mechanical strength, and flexibility made it an attractive candidate for enhancing the performance and durability of automotive coatings.

Superior Paint Protection

Graphene coating after applied to your vehicle is essentially a super hard shell (200x stronger than steel at the molecular level) formed by a structured layer of graphene nano particles that helps protect the paint from harmful ultraviolet rays, oxidation, scratches, acid rain, hard water deposits, bugs and bird droppings.

Easier to Clean and Keep Clean

When graphene coating is applied to the painted surface it levels the surface with an incredibly smooth, super slick, and tough barrier that helps to prevent contaminants from bonding to the paint.

Seriously Hard Protective Barrier

Not only does the super slick finish help prevent contaminants from bonding to the paint, after graphene coating is applied and fully cured it becomes exponentially harder than the original paint. Mainstream graphene coatings on the market claim to have 9H on the hardness scale. Consequently, Diamonds are 10H. What this means is graphene coated paint will resist scratches, swirls, and paint chips exponentially more than the soft underlying paint. This is not to claim that scratches, swirls and paint chips cannot happen, it's just much more difficult to introduce them.

Hydrophobic Properties

This has been a favorite buzzword for marketing ceramic and graphene coatings. "Hydro" is another word for water and "phobic" is another word for fear. It's a pretty slick term suggesting that water is afraid of ceramic or graphene coatings, and when the two meet up, the water quickly slips away.

The super slick leveled coating prevents water molecules from grabbing onto the paint, and when the water molecules set on top of cured graphene coating they attract to each other. This can be seen visually by water forming extremely round beads then sliding off the surface.

Following application of these coatings as the vehicle is driven in the elements, road grime does still adhere to the vehicle however far less than uncoated vehicles. Over time you will notice water not beading as much if the vehicle is not cleaned regularly. To restore beading and visual properties of ceramic coating the vehicle does still need to be occasionally decontaminated and hand washed.

Graphene Coating Compared to Alternatives

I think it's safe to say pretty much anyone who lands on this page knows what carnuba wax is. It's a paste that you apply to the paint to consequently do the exact same thing as ceramic coating, and that is to protect the paint from ultraviolet rays, contaminants, and scratches and make the surface slicker and glossier. The biggest issue with carnuba wax is it does not last much longer than 6-8 weeks and if you want continued protection it needs to be reapplied quite often. Of course graphene coating offers unprecedented levels of protection to your paint.

Regarding polymer sealants, there are many alternatives most of which are superior to carnuba wax. However, they do not come close to matching the properties of graphene coatings.

Graphene Coating Packages with up to 10 Years of Protection

Progressive Detailing only installs graphene coating as a package deal. If you've done your research, you will find that our prices are extremely competitive. As a mobile service our overhead is lower than that of a brick and mortar establishment, allowing us to pass savings on to you.

Preparation is key! From wash, to decon, to polishing, to installation, the final results are only as good as every step that precedes the coating installation. Our graphene coating packages include at minimum a full exterior detail along with enhancement polishing to ensure superior results. Coating installation include all exterior painted surfaces, all exterior glass, all exterior plastic trim, door jams, trunk/hatch jams, and wheel faces.

Progressive Detailing only offers a 10-year rate Graphene Coating from a reputable manufacturer. We've tried many brands of ceramic and graphene coatings, and from personal experience, found one particular coating to be superior to the rest.

As an approved installer, we have access to various grades of coatings up to 10-year rated. The cost difference for materials from a 5-year rated coating to a 10-year rated coating is relatively low. As with most things, we don't like to overthink it too much. Following careful consideration the decision was made to only offer top-of-the-line and not mess around with up-selling higher durability coatings for premium prices just to make more money. Let's just keep this simple and make it easy for all of us,

Prices below reflect the cost of labor plus materials for an exterior detail, enhancement polishing, and installed 10-Year Graphene Coating for a sedan sized vehicle. Other available packages include complete inside and out detailing, and full paint correction. To get on our schedule please fill out the request service form for a quote and availability.


Following Graphene Coating installation your vehicle needs to remain indoors for 24 hours. If you do not have indoor space for us to work in, we can work with you to accommodate the space.

Graphene Coating Packages Starting At:

(Includes all of the Following)

Exterior Detail plus...

Enhancement Polishing plus...

10-Year Graphene Coating applied to all exterior paint, trim, glass, door jams, and wheel faces.


(2&4-Door Cars)

10-year: $762


(Non-lifted Trucks & Small SUVs)

10-year: $876


(Large Trucks and 3rd Row Vehicles)

10-year: $991

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