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This level of detailing is like turning back the hands of time.


You get a deep cleaned vehicle from paint to wheels and upholstery to glass. Your vehicle is cleaned inside and out from top to bottom including every crack and crevice throughout the process.


We take your environment and ours very seriously and as such, we only use premium products in the interior that are safe to you, your family, your pets, and us while we are detailing your vehicle.


Complete detailing packages include our interior and exterior packages combined at a discounted rate.


Complete Detail Level 1 – Full Detail Inside and Out


Interior Detail

  • Clean headliner as needed.

  • Clean, dress and protect from harmful UV rays dashboard, trim, rubber, plastic and vinyl with a premium professional grade odor free PH balanced cleaner and non-toxic, odor-free, non-greasy, dry matte finish protectant.

  • Leather cleaned & conditioned with top rated premium products to refresh & rejuvenate

  • Streak free glass cleaning of the windshield, mirrors and windows inside and out

  • Upholstery, carpeting & floor mats, trunk & spare tire compartment deep cleaned of debris, grime and stains with vacuum, shampoo and extractor

  • Odor removal treatment is included in every interior detail to freshen up your vehicles environment and reduce or eliminate any odors, germs, mold and bacteria that may be hiding in the cracks and crevices. For vehicles that have excessive odor issues such as cigarette smoke, vomit, pet odors, mold or mildew, etc it may be necessary to fully treat with our Odor Removal Service to completely eliminate all odors, germs, mold and bacteria.


Exterior Detail

  • Hand Wash including door jams, hood jams, underside of hoods, and inside the fuel door

  • Clay bar decontamination of exterior paint to remove bonded contaminants such as road grime, industrial fallout, iron particles, tar, bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, etc.

  • Wheels, tires and wheel wells cleaned, degreased and protected

  • Wiper blades, arms and the wiper well thoroughly cleaned

  • Streak free glass cleaning of windshield, mirrors and windows inside and out

  • Dress and protect exterior trim from harmful UV rays, rubber, plastic and vinyl with a premium professional grade non-toxic, non-greasy, no-sling, dry matte finish protectant

  • Clean and shine chrome, wheels exhaust tips and other chrome

  • Ceramic SiO2 infused spray wax applied to the exterior paint. No not the costly 5-yr type, but a ceramic maintenance spray that create a protective barrier between your paint and the outside world with a rating of up to 12 months of protection. It protects better and lasts longer than waxes and other sealants. On top of that, it makes your vehicle easier to clean. Ever see cars with a super slick hydrophobic finish that the rain is repelled from? Your's will after we're done with it! The resulting finish will repel road grime better than it likely ever did, it will stay clean longer, and it will be easier to clean.


Complete Detail Level 2 - With Paint Enhancement Polishing

This service is for vehicles with dull paint caused by swirls, holograms and light scratching.

Adding to the Level 1 package this one kicks it up a notch with paint enhancement polishing to restore gloss and remove light scratching, swirl marks and holograms with more prominent scratches being reduced.


  1. Level 1 - Full Detail inside and out

  2. Paint Enhancement machine polishing to remove light scratching, streaks, swirls and clouding resulting in a deep gloss finish


Complete Level 3 - Full Detail with Paint Correction and Enhancement Polishing


This package adds to the Level 2 package an additional step of paint correction resulting in approximately a 90-95% correction rate.

The before and after comparison with this service is simply amazing. It will restore a dull scratched up neglected paint surface to a deep gloss amazingly smooth to the touch glass like finish that will most certainly draw attention.


  1. Level 1 - Full Detail inside and out

  2. Rotary buffer paint correction to remove deeper scratches, streaks, swirls and clouding

  3. Paint enhancement machine polishing for a deep gloss finish

*Pricing listed below is for typical vehicles and may change depending on certain factors.


Level 1: $257

Level 2: $328

Level 3: $513

Mid Size

Level 1: $282

Level 2: $361

Level 3: $564

Full Size

Level 1: $308

Level 2: $393

Level 3: $616


Level 1: $333

Level 2: $426

Level 3: $667