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Our goal is always to exceed our customers expectations. We're here to help correct, protect and maintain your vehicles to look their very best!

We understand that every person and vehicle has different needs and we can help you choose a level of exterior detailing with just the right fit.


If your needs are not specified in the packages below or there are areas that need special attention, make sure to let us know and we will work with you to determine the prefect blend of services to fit your vehicles particular needs.


Exterior Level 1 – Full Detail


Far from a wash and wax, this package includes a thorough exterior cleaning and decontamination including premium dressing on the trim and tires and ceramic SiO2 infused paint sealant to minimize the effects of UV rays and road grime. We don't nickle and dime with extras and we don't hold back, a full detail is a full detail.


  • Complete exterior hand washing of the paint including door jams and inside the fuel door

  • Clay bar decontamination of exterior paint to remove bonded contaminants such as road grime, brake dust, rail dust, industrial fallout, iron particles, tar, bugs, tree sap, bird droppings, etc.

  • Wheels, tires and wheel wells thoroughly cleaned, degreased and protected

  • Wiper blades, arms and the wiper well thoroughly cleaned

  • Streak free glass cleaning of windshield, mirrors and windows inside and out

  • Windshield rain repellent

  • Dress and protect from harmful UV rays exterior trim, rubber, plastic and vinyl with a premium professional grade non-toxic, non-greasy, no-sling, dry matte finish protectant

  • Clean and shine chrome wheels, exhaust tips and other chrome

  • Ceramic SiO2 infused paint sealant applied to the exterior to create a protective barrier between your paint and the outside world with a rating of up to 12 months of protection. It protects better and lasts longer than waxes and other sealants. The resulting finish will repel road grime better than it likely ever did, it will stay clean longer, and it will be easier to clean. Ever see cars with a super slick hydrophobic finish that the rain is repelled from? Your's will after we're done with it!


Exterior Level 2 - Full Detail with Paint Enhancement Polishing


This service is for vehicles with dulled paint caused by swirls, holograms and light scratching. Most people don't realize how dull their paint is until after we perform this service. Adding to the Level 1 package this one kicks it up a bit with machine polishing to restore the paint to a high gloss finish and removes light scratching, swirl marks and holograms. Ultimately it results in a significant improvement to the appearance of the vehicle... to the untrained eye, it will look virtually flawless.


  1. Level 1 - Full Detail

  2. Paint enhancement machine polishing

Exterior Level 3 - Full Detail with Paint Correction and Paint Enhancement Polishing

This package adds an additional more intensive step of paint correction to be done prior to the paint enhancement polishing resulting in 90-95% correction rate. The before and after comparison with this service is simply amazing. It will restore a dull scratched up neglected paint surface to a deep gloss amazingly smooth to the touch glass like finish that will most certainly draw attention. Most vehicles don't need to go to this level, however if needed we will go the extra mile for you to bring your paint back to as perfect as possible with an ultimate finish.


  1. Level 1 - Full Detail

  2. Paint correction

  3. Paint enhancement machine polishing

*Pricing listed below is for typical vehicles and may change depending on certain factors.



  Level 1: $135  

Level 2: $210

Level 3: $405

Mid Size

Level 1: $149

Level 2: $231

Level 3: $446

Full Size

Level 1: $162

Level 2: $252

Level 3: $486


Level 1: $176

Level 2: $273

Level 3: $527