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Headlight Restoration

Over time headlights become yellow and foggy due to oxidation and effects of UV radiation from the sun.

They may also become scratched and pitted from everyday driving.

From a safety perspective, the worse they get the less you can see ahead of you at night.

From a cosmetic perspective, if the rest of the car is well taken care of and looks amazing, yellowed foggy headlights degrade the look and value of the vehicle.

In some cases we can restore headlights with a light polishing. For severe damage full reconditioning is required including wet sanding, buffing and polishing.


Following the final polishing a special UV protectant coating is applied to protect the lenses from future sun damage.

For moderately fogged or discolored headlights on the surface, this service will restore the headlight lenses back to clear.

Headlight Restoration (Moderate Damage) Process:
- Decontaminate 2 headlights
- Single pass polishing
- Apply top coat of UV Protection

Headlight Restoration (SevereDamage) Process:
- Decontaminate 2 headlights
- Multi-Step Wet sand to remove outer coating
- Polish back to clear
- Apply top coat of UV Protection


We shoot for a 90% improvement with this service. Not all headlights can be fully restored, but rarely does this service not result in significant improvements.


Headlight Restoration (Moderate Damage): $85/pair

Headlight Restoration (Severe Damage): $170/pair

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