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Paintless Dent Repair

Dents are unavoidable and repairs

don't need to be unaffordable.


There are so many benefits to paintless dent repair (PDR) beyond simple cost savings.


Seeking out a paintless dent repair professional for assessment of damage is an important first step toward getting it back to the way it was whether or not the repair is covered under insurance.


Paintless dent repair should always be your first choice when feasible and you should insist on the damage being repaired by paintless dent repair when filing a claim.

Retain Your Original Factory Paint


​​Whether your dents are small like the size of a dime, or larger dents that span multiple panels from collision damage, if PDR is an option the damaged area will not need to be repainted. And what does this mean to you? Original factory paint is by far superior to repainting as it is applied with a highly precise factory process and sophisticated equipment that ensures a smooth even coat with superior bonding. There is no concern of color matching and no concern of premature failure of paint or clearcoat from repainting. There are so many variables that affect the quality of repainting it is best to retain OEM paint whenever possible.


No Body Fillers

With traditional bodywork various methods are used to reduce the size of dents, then the affected area is smoothed out with fillers, followed by application of primer, paint and clearcoat. And again with PDR, the original paint is preserved eliminating concerns of failure of all these new layers added to your vehicle.


No CarFax Report

Dents that can be repaired with PDR and do not require repainting are considered cosmetic repairs and we do not report repairs to CarFax. Consequently, your factory paint warranty will not be affected and the big advantage here is resale value will not be affected by a ding on the CarFax report.


Dent Size

It's not just size that matters. There are many variables that affect whether PDR is a good option for repairing your dent that go way beyond dent size such as stretched metal, paint damage, location and customer expectations. However in general, if the paint is not damaged beyond minor chips and scratches, PDR is most likely a better option than traditional bodywork even with collision damage that many would believe cannot be repaired with paintless dent repair.


Paint Cracked, Chipped or Scratched

Some PDR technicians will say if the paint is cracked or damaged, then it needs to go to a bodyshop. A huge benefit of having Progressive Detailing come to you for PDR is we don't just fix the dents, we will also repair paint chips, cracks, scuffs and scratches as part of the repair all during the same visit.



In most cases we come to your location and are generally completed with the repair on the same day. When you bring your vehicle to a body shop for repairs you can pretty much expect to drop it off and not have it back for a week or more. Most PDR repairs are performed in hours at the convenience of your location.


Click the button below to request a quote. If possible, please take clear photos of the damage with your smart phone and attach to the Service Request form to help speed up the process.

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