Paintless Dent Repair

Got dents, dings, creases?


Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is always a superior option to repainting.

Keep Your Original Paint... and avoid the Bondo! When your vehicle is painted at the factory it's done so with sophisticated equipment that ensures a smooth even coat with superior bonding. Repainting cannot match the quality of factory paint and risks mis-matched paint, over spray and in general an inferior paint job.

No CarFax...  In many cases PDR is near or below the cost of insurance deductibles and by not going through insurance you will avoid a CarFax ding, which will devalue your vehicle.


Time Is Money... For damage that's suitable for PDR we come to your location and are generally completed with the repair on the same day. When you bring your vehicle to a body shop for repairs you can pretty much expect to drop it off and not have it back for a week or more. Most PDR repairs are performed in hours at the convenience of your location.

So why would you opt for repainting when PDR is an option.


Click the button below to request a quote. If possible, please take clear photos of the damage with your smart phone and attach to the Service Request form to help speed up the process.